Chevrolet Video Advert

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 17/12/2015

US auto brand Chevrolet had placed video technology within the pages of Esquire, allowing readers to watch one of three videos promoting a new Chevy truck.

Created by Commonwealth/McCann, the technology was used in 10,000 issues of the magazine, with the page featuring a 4"3 LCD screen with three buttons that the reader could press to activate each of the ads. "We're always looking for innovative ways for print to come alive.", says Jack Essig, Publishing Director of Hearst Magazines. "This was one of those aha moments". But while Esquire is no stranger to innovation in its pages (it once used electronic ink on its cover), this is just the latest example of video screens being embedded in print, with Entertainment Weekly using the technology back in 2009.