L’Oreal Revitalift - Upside Down

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 15/12/2015

In this 2013 ad for L’Oreal’s anti-aging cream, a series of young women are held upside down, given an instant facelift. But while the less intuitive creative might have run the image in its original format, the team at McCann Singapore flipped it 180-degrees to bring a sense of innovation and fun to the ad.

L’Oreal Revitalift  - Upside Down

With no copy apart from the product details, the reader is left to figure out why the image looks slightly odd – the slightly raised hair, necklace, earrings and the straps of a spaghetti top providing the clues.“This is one of my favourites,” says Andreas. “It’s a great use of print media. You’re making the printed page interactive, prompting people to do something to solve the ad. Again, it’s one of those brilliant ads where it’s a very smart solution, without much copy, yet you still intuitively understand what the product benefit is.”

McCann Worldgroup, Singapore