McCann: Penguin Audiobooks "Author Headphones"

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 17/11/2015

In 2013, McCann India were given the task of selling Penguin Audiobooks, ironically moving people from print to audio using a press ad.

McCann: Penguin Audiobooks

The execution was simple, with William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde rendered as headphones, talking directly into the listener’s ears. “This is a brilliant print execution,” explains Andreas. “It’s so powerful that you don’t need any headlines or copy, just the immediate, simple idea of having these authors speaking directly to you. When done well, print ads provide a certain element of magic to the consumer, one that captures your eye and forces you to come back to take a second look.” And it works: in less than a week after the campaign’s launch, awareness of Penguin Audiobooks increased by 15% and sales increase by 7%. Judges of the Cannes Lions were impressed too, awarding it two Gold Lions at the 2013 awards. “The best executions in any media have that element of not overtly spelling out the message, having a little problem to solve that dramatises the product.”