Newspapers are still the number one medium for shaping public opinion. Their credibility, knowledge, values and information-gathering skills remain a formidable force on the high street, and with titles now separated into sections with more lifestyle content, their potential for brands has increased further – online and offline. Add Print, Add Power, has never been so apt.
But the success of newspapers largely boils down to a single truth: they are effective in shaping opinion. They possess a large amount of power when it comes to public perception. Used well, that power can completely transform your brand. Why? Here are seven very good reasons.



Reach and reliability

Newspaper brands reach huge parts of the population. The print version, albeit with a reduced circulation, is still an important channel to reach important consumer segments. For example higher income and higher education. With different sections, supplements and types of paper newspapers also allow advertisers to tap into specific groups and backgrounds. Newspapers are seen as credible gatekeepers. Readers trust the newspaper content including advertisements, providing advertisers with a reliable channel.


People read newspapers

Readers have a deep relationship with newspapers. It is estimated that some readers stay, on average, longer with their newspaper brand than with their partner.  For many, newspapers are the most reliable form of news and information, backing up this information with credible opinion and insight. It’s this level of trust that leads to readers spending a huge amount of time reading their newspaper. 

Connecting and sharing

Half of the readers of a newspaper advertisement visit the advertiser's website. This is three times the number of non-readers, making readers highly connected. Newspaper readers are also more likely to talk about brands than non-readers. Some argue that newspaper campaigns should therefore be designed to stimulate sharing whether offline, online, in-home, at work or in the pub.


Although newspaper brands distribute content among their printed and online version, the printed newspaper continues to have a universal appeal with a huge variety of content. It remains the gatekeeper of what is of interest to the reader. This means that no matter what the brand, there’s always relevant content to fit into.
The daily distribution of newspapers means that, by their very nature, they offer readers this routine of reliable news, opinion, entertanment, sports, ... in their own style and format. 


Final copy for an advert can be delivered at very short notice - even by the evening of that night’s print run of the newspaper. So newspapers are the only media where a brand can alter their campaign late in the day and still communicate it to half the adults in an entire nation the following morning.
Newspapers are also highly portable, light enough for the consumer to carry them around, grazing on the content all day before settling down with them in the evening.


Brands want consumers to get the product or service information anywhere. Newspapers allow readers to go online using bridging technologies such as QR codes, Augmented Reality (AR), Near Field Communication (NFC) or even printed electronics. These technologies allow to extend the print advert to a very complete demonstration of product or service benefits. Newspaper advertising offer this flawless integration of offline advertising and online presence. 


Newspapers give any brand an immediate response, as virtually all of the reach is delivered on the day the ad appears. An analysis of 500 European cases showed the effectiveness of newspaper advertising for the FMCG category. FMCG campaigns including newspapers resulted in twice the campaign ROI compared to those without newspapers. When used in combination with online advertising the ROI increased with 50 per cent compared to the solo use of online.

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