One organisation, two brands


As an organisation, Print Power consists of two brands: Print Power, the Effectiveness Campaign, and Two Sides, the Sustainability Initiative. Each brand has a distinct purpose and message.
The message of the Effectiveness Campaign concerns the way in which print media can serve as an effective marketing and advertising tool, while the Two Sides message is about informing consumers and the international media community about the positive environmental aspects of print and paper. Using credible and authoritative research and information, the initiative ensures that paper and print are seen as sustainable media.

The role of the Effectiveness Campaign is to market print media, while the role of the Sustainability Initiative is to inform, exploring the myths which surround the industry and setting out the facts. To have a consistent, harmonious message and to ensure cost efficiency, both programmes are developed and created by the Central Office, with all editorial material and key findings made available to the country organizations.

Implementation of the two programmes is handled at country level by the national Print Power organisations. Since they are best placed to tailor the campaigns, the Country Managers select the most relevant combination of effectiveness and sustainability messages for their local audience.