The Print Power Team

As an organisation that has a proven track record of implementing its strategy effectively and efficiently, Print Power is led by a team of experts with many years of experience in the paper and advertising industry.

The driving force of the organisation comes from the Central Office, where Print Power Managing Director, Ulbe Jelluma, is responsible for the organisation’s structure, coordination, finances and accounting. The former Managing Director of the BBDO advertising agency, Ulbe is the main point of contact for all Country Managers, as well as the Board of Directors.

The Print Power team also includes;

Tasneem Mahbub, Marketing Coordinator who is responsible for the administration of the website and managing the campaign. 

Country Managers

The Country Manager is the spokesperson for Print Power at the national level, and is responsible for ensuring that their country’s senior marketing, media and advertising professionals are always aware of the vital role print plays in campaigns and programmes.

The Country Manager also recruits local members for the Print Power organisation, as well as collecting funds from new partners, developing the organisation’s marketing and communication plans, and supervising the translation and production of all marketing tools, both online and off.

Finally, they represent their national Print Power organisation at central meetings and present plans, budgets and activities to the Central Office.


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