11 spectacular examples of print ads and mailings triggering senses

Submitted by: Print Power 11/06/2014

Triggering multiple senses increase the effectiveness of advertisements, mailings and brochures. Martin Lindstrom confirmed this some years ago with his BrandSense research. His conclusion was that when triggering more than one sense the effectiveness would increase with 30 per cent. Read also our special section on this website about sensory print.

We want to share 11 ads, mailings and printed material that trigger multiple senses. It appears to us that, probably because of ignorance, not many brands are applying the effectiveness boost character of multiple senses to their advertising.

The following examples will certainly function as inspiration.


1. Dove - How to demonstrate exfoliating cream - mailing


2. Lisbon airport - Dramatise the refurnishing of the airport premises - mailing


3. Print Power - Illustrate the power of triggering multiple senses - mailing - Click here to watch the YouTube video


4. Wrigley chewing gum - Provide taste samples to parking visitors - parking tickets - Click here to watch the YouTube video

5. Belgium Post - Chocolate flavoured stamps - stamps


6. Fanta - Introduction of new taste - advertisement


7. Land Rover - Edible paper as part of survival kit - test drive package


8. Telegraph magazine - Demonstrate qualities of Charity via heat sensitive inks - cover magazine



9. Casa Mariol - Use wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) as ink to confirm order - mailing - Click here to watch the YouTube video

10. Belgium Post - Prize draw with 'rub and smell' part of menu - mailing


11. Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse - Make cats and their bosses aware via catsnip (makes cats feel high) - door drop - Click here to watch the YouTube video

Ulbe Jelluma | Print Power