A new restaurant used personalised maps to lead customers to their doors

Submitted by: Elizabeth Tindall 06/01/2017

Mc Nellies DM
Brand Name: McNellies Group        


McNellie’s is a restaurant chain based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. The downtown McNellie’s location was well known and usually packed. But when the company opened a second “City South” location, that was literally “over the hill” from a busy intersection, it didn’t receive as much business.

The restaurant chain had run ads in several local papers promoting both locations.  While they were helpful in driving customers to the downtown restaurant; they were failing to do the same for the City South branch

McNellie knew that once people found and ate at the restaurant, they were likely to return.  What they needed was a clear and powerful way to tell potential diners of the new branch’s address.

The Case Study

To create a loyal following for a new restaurant in a new location, people would need to know exactly where it was and receive a generous incentive to give it a try – so McNellie’s used mail to do just that.  

The chain bought a list of 2,500 prospect customers within the catchment area of the restaurant.  Then, using addresses from the mailing list, personalised maps were created that mapped the route from the diner’s home to their restaurant’s front door.  A unique map was created for each customer – and if that wasn’t enough to get him or her to try restaurant, a $10 money off incentive would.


The campaign got the restaurant cooking with customers visiting in their droves.  A huge 24% of those mailed redeemed their coupon.  That’s 600 new customers to fill the previously quiet restaurant. 

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