AdAge: “Despite business challenges, magazines are still sexy”

Submitted by: Print Power 19/01/2015

At the start of the year Advertising Age, the leading global trade magazine for the advertising and media industry, runs an extremely positive article about the role of magazines in politics, culture, food and a lot more sectors.

 Magazines continue to have a major impact. Articles in magazines can make products a success and best-off lists can make writers and restaurants stars. Advertisers want to have their brands in magazines enhancing the overall reading experience. Which is, as AdAge mentions, contradictory to digital and TV were consumers are doing everything to avoid advertising.    


The article goes on by saying “Magazines are now moving quickly to adapt. And they’re poised to emerge from the economic shadow as more than just ink on paper products - sometimes much more. Magazines are brands, and the successful one will figure out what that means in a post-print world”.

Read the entire article below or click here and have a great mental kick-start of 2015.