Aldi introduces customer magazine in Germany

Submitted by: Print Power 26/02/2015

Aldi has launched a 60-pages free customer magazine in the South of Germany. Aldi Inspiriert (Aldi Inspires), is printed on a total circulation of 1,83 million copies and will be published four times a year. Although it does not contain advertising, it promotes of course the Aldi products. This is a new step for the discounter in moving slightly more upmarket.

Other retailers have preceded Aldi with customer magazines; Netto, Edeka and Rewe all have their titles. Some even sell their customer magazines.

Customer magazines are a very important channel for brand owners. In the last quarter of 2014 customer magazines represented 28 per cent of all newspapers, weeklies, (trade) magazines (including their digital versions). The total circulation of customer magazines was almost 53 million in the last quarter of 2014 and continues to increase.

Magazines are by far the most important print category in Germany with a total of slightly more than 100 million copies in Q4 2014. Total circulation of magazines declined only with 1,8 per cent in the last quarter.

Trade magazines, with a total circulation of 11 million, represent 6 per cent of the total publication market and this share is decreasing.

Finally newspapers remain fairly stable with a small decrease of 1,5 per cent and a total circulation of 19 million.

Digital subscriptions are on the rise, for newspapers as well as for magazines. However the totals remain moderate compared to the print versions with respectively 630.000 and 570.000 subscribers. Germany remains a very strong print market with 90,3 percent of 14 years and older reading a magazine, a total of 63,5 million readers, who on average read 8 titles.

Ulbe Jelluma |Print Power