Ambient print advertising....boosting direct mail subscriptions


Submitted by: Print Power 30/05/2014



The task of the Volkswagen's campaign was to promote BlueMotion models, positioning them as exceptionally economical and environmentally friendly in comparison to other cars. To deliver the point straight home, the advertising agency decided to make a clear relation to the cost of fuel and savings made when driving VW BlueMotion..

The Case Study

How to recognize the group of interested drivers and target them with personalized direct mailing, without spending money on thorough and lengthy research first? How to find a channel which costs nothing and still puts the message across perfectly, delivering it straight to the hands of every single driver. The answer was: petrol receipt.

The checkout system automatically divided the amount of petrol purchased by the average consumption of a Polo BlueMotion. The message was simple: with the same tank of petrol, a BlueMotion model from Volkswagen would take the driver considerably further than their own vehicle. This way, each driver could see the potential savings of the BlueMotion models and further inquiry via the website about the Volkswagen cars.


-12,459 unique hits on the website after the campaign launched
-262 brochures ordered as a direct result of reading the petrol receipt
-237 online dealership contact enquiries


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