BMW and Der Spiegel, first use of NFC tag in European magazine

Submitted by: Print Power 30/01/2015

MW has been the first brand to use a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag in a magazine in Europe. It placed a four-page ad in Der Spiegel Wissen (Germany), a special issue about tomorrow's cars, printed on a total circulation of 165.000 copies


Readers can hold their smartphone on top of the ad, tapp the page and immediately the BMW i App will be downloaded. The app will guide the readers to the most relevant content like interactive services that demonstrate BMW's sustainable mobility capabilities.

Print media, like newspapers and magazine, are using variuous ways of interacting with readers. Years ago the reader needed a pair of scissors, an envelope and a stamp to return a reply form. Later free phone numbers were added to the ads, a URL, QR codes or even Augmented Reality. Near Field Communication (NFC), that works as a very short range (less than 20 cm) WIFI, allows interaction without downloading a dedicated app. It does require a smartphone with NFC enabled functionality.

NFC tags allow advertisers to track and analyse the response from readers via their behaviour on the app. It can tell the advertisers from where the readers tapp the page and therefore can personalise content for the readers. NFC will enable advertisers and media owners to further expand the reader data.  NFC opens therfore new ways for advertisers to benefit from the seamless merge of the offline and on-line world.

Ulbe Jelluma |Print Power