Battersea Cats & Dogs Home print campaign increases site traffic by 79%

Submitted by: Rachel Aldighieri 22/03/2016

battersea cats and dogs
Brand Name: Battersea Cats & Dogs Home         Agency: OgilvyOne UK


This campaign aimed to increase interest in rehoming an animal from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The campaign struck an emotional chord with people, using a microchipped leaflet to trigger multiple targeted digital billboard interactions that developed a connection with Battersea and generated a positive and profound reaction.

The Case Study


The strategy was to reward the target audience with the feeling of being ‘chosen’. An immersive outdoor digital experience served solely to people who had self-selected as an animal lover by taking a leaflet about rehoming from Battersea volunteers at the Westfield shopping centre entrance. Those who had not self-identified could watch and share the experience via social media, but not actively take part. This allowed Battersea to target precious resources very efficiently on those people who really mattered.


To create an immersive and emotional interaction between dog and human, the team used an insight from the behaviour of stray dogs, which often pick a stranger who seems friendly and follow them around, making themselves impossible to ignore.

So wafer-thin RFID chips were embedded in the Battersea leaflets, making the recipient discoverable to a series of large outdoor digital screens around Westfield shopping centre. A Battersea dog followed them around from screen to screen, with videos triggered to suit where the target was approaching from and the number of times they had passed that screen. The end message recalled the leaflet they had taken and drove them to a microsite and Twitter feed of strays who were #lookingforyou.

Interactions were filmed and shared across social platforms to drive further awareness and positive social sentiment.



  • The multiple interactions developed and reinforced a real emotional connection with Battersea and its residents.
  • Reactions were hugely positive, including nearly 2,500 unique visits to the campaign microsite, more than 320,000 video views and 99% positive social sentiment. This amplification helped drive new visitors to the main Battersea site, with 79% of site traffic during the two weeks of our campaign period never having visited previously.
  • The #lookingforyou Twitter feed was kept constantly updated with new dogs looking for homes and played its part in generating more than 200 new enquiries about rehoming specific dogs.

Case Submitted By: Direct Marketing Association UK


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