Cadbury's Crème Egg Twisted Bar Engages Thousands of Fans to Cabury's Facebook Site


Submitted by: Print Power 03/02/2014

Crème Egg Twisted bar- Direct mail


Cadbury wanted to launch the new Crème Egg Twisted bar to a marketplace already passionate about its famous sister product- Crème Eggs. The brand launched a smart brand ambassador activation strategy, initiated by a creative direct mail.

The Case Study

To assure the chocolate bars receive the well-deserved enthusiastic response, the brand sent 500 DM pieces to the biggest Creme Eggs fanatics identified via online channel. The mailers were designed to look like security strongboxes, each containing three Crème Egg Twisted bars…Actually, only two bars and an empty wrapper, because, as a note inside informed them, of the bars had made its escape through a hole in the bottom of the box.

To help track down the escapees, potential agents were directed to the Cadbury’s intelligence agency website, to join the chase. Using Google Maps mash-up and clues via a Twitter feed to the website to locate up to 16 targets, the users competed for a luxury holiday in Morocco, and for the top ten agents, a cash prize of £20,000.


As a result, the mailer and word-of-mouth managed to drive thousands of fans to Cadbury’s Facebook site, amounting to over 35,000 likes.


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