Cat addictive Direct Mail provoked a huge spike in sales

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 19/12/2016

cat nip flyer


American cat litter company Bulk Warehouse transformed a basic utilitarian sales communication to an advertising masterpiece using creative thinking. Instead of appealing to the owners of cats; they appealed directly to the cats instead. Agency Rethink Canada were tasked with creating a small scale Direct Mail piece targeting 500 cat owners within driving range to their store.

The Case Study

The Direct Mail pieces were illustrated with cute cat cartoons and ‘to the point’ text. The cards were then sprayed with cat nip, an herb with a powerful effect on cats causing intense attraction to it. Once the flyer was delivered, it was down to the cats to do the rest.

The small Direct Mail piece’s exposure was not limited to the 500 recipients whom received the mailing. The agency also produced a video demonstrating the amusing consequences the mailing had once exposed to the cats.



The cats responded to the flyers, which in turn so did their owners. here was a huge spike in both customer counts and sales, with many people mentioning that they came in specifically because of the flyers.

The video ensured the campaigns reach surpassed the initial 500 individuals who received the printed piece.


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