Coca-Cola Zero used mail to deliver some rock and roll results

Submitted by: Elizabeth Tindall 16/12/2016

Coke cola
Brand Name: Coca Cola        


Rock in Rio – the world’s largest music and entertainment festival - was planned to be better than ever in 2013. To celebrate it, Coca-Cola Zero Brazil launched a range of special edition of cans featuring the most popular music styles from the festival. Coca-Cola wanted to promote the launch of the limited edition cans and generate a buzz amongst music fans.

The Case Study

Using just cardboard and a bit of physics, Coca-Cola cleverly created a unique experience that celebrities were sure to talk about.  
Coca-Cola knew that nothing beats an amplifier when it comes to making noise. So they created a unique VIP kit that worked as an amplifier, and sent it to the most influential Brazilian celebrities - turning them into amplifiers of their message.  
Inside was a full set of the limited edition musical cans.  Celebrities were invited to scan the cans with a mobile app to launch the playlists from bands playing at the festival.  When they inserted their phones into the kit it acted like a passive acoustic amplifier, playing the songs at full blast with no cables or electricity; just the user’s smartphone's speakers.


Coca-Cola’s unique amplifier boosted sales.  

  • Celebrities posted about the kit on social media reaching 1.7 million people and generating over 30,000 likes on the first day. 
  • This resulted in over $500,000 in earned media and a 5% increase in sales.

Case Submitted By: International Post Corporation


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