Coca-Cola refreshing advertisements

Submitted by: Ulbe Jelluma 09/07/2015

Coca-Cola developed the first ever drinkable advertising, including a huge billboard, TV commercial, print ad and a flyers. This campaign developed by Ogilvy New York was launched at a major sports event in the USA. The campaign uses the music recognition app Shazam as an integral part. Yet another example of the integration of technology in advertising. 

At the student-athletes championships (NCAA) in Indianapolis (US), Coca-Cola presented its very new Zero campaign. The idea was to promote the taste as many people think they know the taste, but apparently don't. Using Shazam, viewers of the TV commercial could pour Coke Zero into a glass on their mobile phone. When the glass was full a coupon appeared that could be redeemed.  The campaign included also a print advertisement and a printed flyer. The flyer contained a straw and coupon that could be redeemed at dedicated stands. The ad featured the same key visual and a coupon that could be redeemed.