DIY kit adds sound to your print

Submitted by: Ulbe Jelluma 16/07/2015

Since a number of years Novalia in the UK has been working on adding sound to print media. They've realised for example interactive posters that play sounds when certain ares are touched. I've met Kate Stone a number of years ago and was impressed by her drive to make paper interactive. 

The company Novalia has been working on various projects, probably the best known are the touch sensative posters for Beck's and Schwartz. These posters play different sounds when certain well-defined areas on the poster are touched. There is a lot of experimentation on this type of interactive paper. Recently we wrote about the World Press Photo book and some time ago about the Beck's posters used in Australia. The benefit of this system is that the sounds can be personalised. Per touch area a different sound can be linked, but also the sounds can differ from one poster to the other. The drawback in print remains the size of the battery. We've seen examples with the battery integrated in the front or backcover of a magazine, catalogue or book. However the use in other materials is often impossible because of the size of the battery.

However the use of touch sensitive interactive channels might get a boost with a newly developed DIY kit. This kit consists of a sticker with the sensors that are linked via a circuit of printed conductive inks, a 3 mm thin controle module, a battery pack, a surface sound actuator, 20 touch points, an on board SD card and an easy to use software to program the module.

This DIY kit can be used by agencies, advertisers and of course also by interested consumers. Touch sensitive print is an important innovation and can offer brands a unique way to convey their message to consumers. As the sensors can be programmed, the interaction can be personalised.  Maybe this kit can help to give the use of interactive print a further push.