DM guide: offer in mailing defines 40% of success

Submitted by: Ulbe Jelluma 03/07/2015

Traditional marketing channels have been shaken up, but not necessarily supplanted by digital media, and today direct mail is a complimentary rather than a competing medium. Marketers who started their careers in the past ten years are familiar with online and social marketing but less so with direct mail. As today’s consumers are channel agnostic, a campaign often requires an omni-channel approach to ensure that it reaches its full potential. The marketing reality is not about finding one channel, or about choosing between online or offline, but about the right set of channels working together to maximise the return on investment (ROI).

IPC, the International Post Corporation put together the DM guide for companies that want to use direct mail as part of an integrated campaign. The guide shows eight situations of cross-channel campaigns and the explains the role of direct mail in each of them.

Ultimately, to make sure your marketing campaign is successful, regardless of the channel mix you're using, you need to make sure you have the following elements: precise targeting, a good offer and a creative which stands out. The Guide tells you for example that the offer made to the consumers, defines 40% of the results of the mailing.

Direct mail continues to be an important part of the media mix so prove for example digital giants such as IBM, Google and Microsoft. Direct mail serves as an efficient acquisition tool for these companies.

 However the looks of direct mail are changing. Analysing the winners of this year's Cannes Lions Direct Award, it becomes obvious that direct mail needs to stand out in order to cut through the clutter. Of all the Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners (83), only 5 campaigns use some form of printed mailing. Two of them involve a magazine, and three mailings include a three-dimensional piece, like a stone, a cup or a loaf made of shredded bank notes. Direct mail is apparently moving more towards the high-end execution, although Cannes obviously only shows the most creative executions. However it seems like this confirms what Jean Señor and others have said before; print is haute couture (vs other media are prèt-à-porter).

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