French door drop research: 8 out of 10 readers visit shop

Submitted by: Ulbe Jelluma 19/10/2015

Door drops are known for their direct effect on shopping behaviour. We’ve presented various results of its effectiveness in other new posts. Especially from The Netherlands and Belgium. More results are now available via a European-wide survey from ELMA and from France.

The European Letterbox Marketing Association (ELMA) asked consumers in Europe about their preferred medium. The Dutch, who receive on average 36 door drop items per week, do appreciate door drops most (80%). Other countries such as France, Austria and Germany have scores between 68 and 75% appreciation. This appreciation can also been seen in the share of the total ad budget. Brands in Norway spend 7% of their budget on door drops. Whereas the two other Scandinavian countries follow with 5,1%. Other countries such as Austria, The Netherlands and Belgium spend from 3,5 - 4,8% of their budget on door drops.

The effectiveness of door drops is again demonstrated by the research done by Adrexo in France. This is the second year this combination of focus groups and quantitive survey is commissioned. Results prove the effectiveness of door drops, whether directly from the printed door drop or via the web.

In total 81% of the readers of the door drops go visit a shop after they have read the door drop. And 32% go to a shop which they do not frequently visit.  A third of the readers vist the site of the shop online after having read the door drop brochures.

The interest in visiting a shop stems from the reading behaviour and the appreciation of the door drops. 70% of all French read at least every week a door drop leaflet or brochure. And what they like about door drops is the possibility to get the best offers to optimise the household budget and to obtain new ideas and inspiration. Reading about new products in DIY and Home Interior brochures is one of the most important motivations.

The data about appreciation confirm the ELMA data; door drops for Food and DIY are most appreciated with score of respectively 73 and 70%. This explains also the reading time of door drops: on average 38 minutes per week. 

Although the medium in certain countries has to deal with consumers that do not want to receive door drops, it continues to be a much appreciated and effective part of the media mix of many advertisers.

To read the results of the ELMA study click here. For the Adrexo results click here.