French study confirms: print = deep reading, digital = get facts fast

Submitted by: Print Power 31/07/2014



A study commissioned by Le Syndicat de la Presse Sociale (SPS) and handled by the French research group Seprem, confirms what we know. Print is used by the majority (59%) of the French when the content needs thorough understanding. Whereas online channels are used for the quick and fast access of facts (75%).

It is interesting to see that the French also prefer paper as a means to save information (40%). This is surprising given the already high level of penetration of smartphones (67%) and tablets (35%). This might have led to an increased preference for digital filing. However the French hold on to paper.

The members of SPS, representing about 170 publications in France, were also asked about their preferences. They (40%) believe that a mix of electronic and paper-based communication would be the most effective.

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