Always wanted to read your magazine with your feet?

Submitted by: Ulbe Jelluma 04/08/2015

Print collatoral has a proven track record for various brands. Hansaplast, a Beiersdorf brand, sells a range of products specifically designed for feet care. And although important, feet care is not that high on our list of personal care. Hansaplast therefore created a very impactful magazine about what their products can do for feet.

The magazine, a colourful publication that celebrates beautiful feet, is meant to be used by your feet. Your feet will function as your hands and therefore demonstrate the  effect of the Hansaplast products. Your feet will turn the pages which is made easier by adjusting the size of the magazine and the grammage of the paper. 

The publication makes, of an otherwise rather dull and low involvement product, an interesting and fun product. Why use your feet to turn the pages? Just for fun. And by doing that the product gains your attention which in turn is an absolute condition for market success.