How World Charity got consumers to act through print

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 30/06/2016

Metro case study
Brand Name: Metro        


The Metro, a leading London free newspaper used print to raise awareness for ‘World Cancer Day’ demonstrating how newspapers can be used to create powerful and well populated campaign.

The Case Study

In the 4th February 2016 issue Cancer Research advertised ‘World Cancer Day’ to raise awareness in the Metro newspaper. The ‘O’ in metro was cleverly replaced with the charities unity band, advertising strips ran through the first 10 pages, four pages dedicated to branded content and a special interview with the charities ambassador Gaby Roslin.

Similarly campaigns such as ‘Rainbow Laces’; Paddy Power’s attempt to tackle homophobia in football has also appeared in the metro.



The metro’s 3.3 million readers could not miss the message on cancer research indicating the strength of campaigns run in newspapers

#rainbowlaces trended on twitter for several hours after the publication was released

100,000 people requested a pair of rainbow laces



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