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Submitted by: Print Power 14/07/2014

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IKEA has already established its position as the 'go to' ready-to-assemble furniture retailer, strongly aided by their annual IKEA catalogue- the main marketing tool for the brand, with 70% of the annual budget dedicated to producing it. To push social media activity using the catalogue release as a starter, IKEA implemented a completely cost free solution to get their online followers buzzing.

The Case Study

In Norway, every household receives an IKEA catalog, so brand decided to integrate their existing marketing channel in a new way. The idea was to get people talking about the new product range and spread the content online: IKEA encouraged its social media followers on Facebook and Instagram to snap pictures of furniture items on the pages of the catalogue, and post them under the hashtag #ikeakatalogen along with the item's name. As an added incentive, every week, IKEA would give away an item to one of the users who uploaded the image online.

Watch video of the campaign here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0YHRVT1KMM


Within just four weeks, the campaign was able to successfully recreate IKEA's print catalog online, after every item in the catalog had been photographed and uploaded.

IKEA Norway dramatically increased social media following and engagement, especially on Instagram, where it went from having 0 to 12,000 followers.

The campaign execution cost IKEA a few products and 0% of their annual marketing activity budget.


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