Increase your campaign payback with 20% by integrating direct mail

Submitted by: Print Power 15/03/2014

This is just one of the convincing arguments presented in the latest issue of ANA (the magazine of the American Advertisers). It also confirms the superiority of mail vs. email in terms of response rates: 3,4% vs. 0,12%. And is shows some very interesting facts about the importance of direct mail for Generation X and Millennials. Almost three quarters of those most likely to respond to direct mail want sensory experiences. This is one of the major benefits of mailings and printed materials as we've shown via various cases on this website.



Also the Millennials prefer the combination of new technologies with old media as is shown in a recent study from ad agency JWT. Combining various channels is the name of the game; using email in combination with direct mail contributes $17 in revenue and $4 in margin per household. Proving again that a 360 degrees approach to consumers is the most effective.

Ulbe Jelluma | Print Power