O2's holographic direct mail for top 50 clients results in 22% response

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 18/08/2016

hologram box


O2 business is branching out and to advertise this, they sent a direct marketing campaign featuring a personalised hologram to its top 50 high-value business prospects. They were each sent their own personalised holographic advisor called ‘Dave’

The Case Study

O2 worked with MBA, an independent agency in London, who created 50 holographic advisors. As O2 is expanding and are now a complete provider of digital solutions, as well as mobile phones and network coverage, they needed a creative way of promoting this. By creating bespoke content for every prospect, Dave could speak to each client personally and tells them what O2 can do for their business and informs them of this development.



Stephen Maher, the chief executive of MBA stated how proud they are of the personalised hologram campaign and suggested it created the desired outcome; “It’s a disruptive piece of technology which reflects the way that O2 Business are so successfully disrupting the market for digital solutions.”  So far O2 have achieved a 22% response rate, and secured 9 face-to-face sales appointments in the first week due to this imaginative direct mail.


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