Google, Sky, HP, News UK and six other speakers at Power of Print Seminar

Submitted by: Tandy Wakeford 31/07/2015

This year Two Sides & Print Power have teamed up with the BPIF and The Stationers' Company to deliver an extraordinary seminar on the Power of Print. This will take place on Tuesday 3 November 2015, in the historic surroundings of Stationers' Hall in London, from 10:00—17:30.

Stationers' Hall, London

Ten excellent leading and inspirational industry experts will share their knowledge and provide an overview of our industry today. You will hear comprehensive, first-hand experience from brand marketing experts and media and marketing specialists, on how print is still relevant and a unique, powerful and effective channel of communication.

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Our speakers for the day are:

Print's Role Within Sky's Marketing Strategy

Mark Cruise, Head of Print Management at Sky

Mark Cruise has worked in the print industry for just over twelve years. Mark affirms his belief that print remains one of the fastest evolving industries, making it an exciting and exhilarating place to work. He's an advocate for print in Sky's diverse marketing strategy, recognising that with increased competition comes the need to market to the right people, at the right time, in the right manner.

The Resurrection of Print

Richard Hale, Creative Paterfamilias at Google

Richard Hale acknowledges that the digital revolution has changed the print industry irrevocably. But change is a synonym for opportunity if you are open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. In his presentation, Richard shows how the communications industry has been here before. And adapted. And thrived. He will also demonstrate how digital and print together can be an irresistible combination.

How we Consume Multi-Channel Content and Advertising

Abba Newbery, Director of Advertising Strategy at News UK

Abba Newbery will share the results of a recently commissioned, powerful, independent, neuroscience research project. Abba is Director of Advertising Strategy at News UK and joined News UK Commercial in 2009. Abba is responsible for developing longer-term advertising models across platform, publication and audience that allows News UK to remain relevant to the changing needs of advertisers, ensuring a commercially viable but platform agnostic future.

The Transformation of Print

Oana Manolache & Lyle Rainey, Marketing & Business Development Manager at HP

Oana Manolache and Lyle Rainey are both a part of the Indigo and Inkjet Web team in the Graphic Arts market. They believe that brand owners need to be different and communicate to consumers with powerful messages that demonstrate the brand’s core values. In the printing world we need to recognise the other media streams that marketers will use, enabling digital print to bridge the gap between paper and the online world. Print is not dead. It is transforming

Print is Undervalued - But Who is to Blame?

Mike Colling, CEO, MC&C

Mike Colling has been a media man for almost 30 years. He is a serial entrepreneur, having set up and helped run successful traditional advertising agencies, direct marketing agencies, media agencies and digital agencies. Mike is ideally placed to look at the way media channels both compete and combine to build brands and engage consumers. He understands the value of print and sees opportunities for print media to stand out in a digital landscape.

The Geography of the Internet and Other Things Print Media can Teach Digital Marketers

Mark Davies, CEO, Whistl

Before online, before search, before Google Analytics there is a place called The Real World. Marketing takes place there and it works! Mark Davies will challenge a lot of conventional thinking about the digitally-enabled consumer through research and case studies, he will explain why smart brands are using offline channels as part of their optimised marketing mix.

The Changing Nature of Print

Charles Jarrold, CEO, BPIF

Charles now heads up the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF).

As the economy recovers, a clear picture is emerging of how print has adapted to a more interconnected, online and social world. Talking through current BPIF research, Charles Jarrold will review how business models are evolving and the new practices being adopted to drive engagement.

Getting to the Essence of your Brand - Sensory Marketing at its Best

Simon Harrop, CEO, Brand Sense

As we recover from one of the worst recessions, brands are realising that they can no longer rely on the overloaded visual communications and need to find new and different ways to connect with and engage their customers. Given the technological advances in paper, Simon has some exciting ideas he would like to share with us to utilise emotional connections with brands via print.

Dispelling the myth of the 'thin air' economyThe Internet is Wonderful, but...

Martin Wright, Forum For The Future

The Internet is Wonderful, but...Computers are really, really heavy - and what can we do about that?Martin is a writer, editor and adviser on environmental solutions and sustainable futures, with 25 years' experience in the field. He plans to dispel the myths of the 'thin air' economy by delivering a lively, subjective yet informed exploration of the case for paper and print in a digital age.

Re-evaluating the Printed Magazine's Role in a Multi-Channel World

Sue Todd, CEO, Magnetic

Printed magazines are still read by 32.8 million people every month

Whilst consuming magazine content is now established through various channels, the reading experience on paper is highly valued. Sue will reveal the opportunities for printed magazines and how Magnetic are raising the profile of the magazine experience.