KETTLE® Chips increased sales by 20% and ramped up brand loyalty through newspaper campaign

Submitted by: Zainab Pirzada 18/08/2016

Kettle adverts
Brand Name: KETTLE® Chips        


KETTLE® Chips created the hand-cooked category and have been the number one brand since 1982. But competition has intensified in recent times. KETTLE® Chips wanted to stress their quality credentials and authenticity in order to increase purchase by existing buyers and tempt back recently lapsed buyers.

The Case Study

KETTLE® Chips' solution was to remind people of the KETTLE® Chips values - simple, natural, unprocessed - while increasing awareness of different flavours.

Newspaper advertising showcased the fresh, quality ingredients in the KETTLE® Chips range and conveyed the hand-cooked, artisan nature of the chips. Quality and mid-market titles were selected to provide a large audience of upmarket adults interested in food – these readers  are also more likely to purchase premium crisps compared with audiences for other media.

Newspaper advertising helped KETTLE® Chips buck the trend – while the overall category declined and most other branded premium crisps brands lost share, but KETTLE® Chips gained share. 


  • Newspapers immediately boosted sales by over 20% among people exposed to ads
  • KETTLE® enjoyed a sustained increase in sales of 15% in the 12 weeks post campaign
  • Newspapers engaged all types of buyers: the campaign attracted new buyers, increased frequency of purchase and persuaded lapsed users to buy again
  • Newspaper campaigns create much more powerful emotional links than one-off ads: emotional brand connection rose from 66% when one ad was seen to 82% when people saw three ads

Case Submitted By: Newsworks


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