Kit Kat reinvents their brand generating over $11 million

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 13/09/2016

kit kat mail
Brand Name: Kit Kat        


Instead of battling for the hotly contested space on the shelves Kit Kat found an entirely new way to rediscover their brand! In Japan, Kit Kat is pronounced ‘Kitto Katsu’ which means ‘Surely Win’. This is a hopeful thought for individuals who feel the pressures of life.


The Case Study

Kit Kat thought it would be a welcome sentiment to send handwritten messages on Kit Kat bars to students who embark on their final exams, meaning ‘Surely win on your exams’. They targeted the Post office where most people venture often. Overnight, Kit Kat mail was deployed to over 22,000 post offices in Japan, which you could buy at the post office write a message on and send to your friend. This sensation grew rapidly allowing Kit Kat mail to take over many other locations with branding and points of sale throughout different stores.


Kit Kat mail was a huge success, generating over 11 million dollars of free publicity. Kit Kat mail is now a permanent product in Japan. With people continuing to send Kit Kat mail outside of exam season; to wish people luck for any occasion. Pairing what was just a chocolate bar to a symbol of good fortune.



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