Lucozade lunges into success using a popular trusted platform

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 06/07/2016



Lucozade’s ambition to progress their product ‘Lucozade Sport’ through fine-tuned targeting (advertising a sports drink in a sports magazine attracting their target audience) using a football magazine ‘FourFourTwo’ by utilising footballers and football fans. Thus creating a platform to deliver Lucozade’s message using editorial content.

The Case Study

FourFourTwo and Lucozade teamed up to provide an ‘Performance section’ in their magazine with Ashley Young (a professional English football player who plays for Manchester United) aiming to transform the futures of amateur footballers. Young offered authoritative game, fitness, nutrition tips and advice in the magazine alongside online interviews and demonstrations. Whilst maintaining the message that it is important for your health and performance to stay hydrated throughout and Lucozade being the obvious choice of beverage.  


Lucozade Tactics


The content was a huge success, with the bespoke content reaching 565 thousand unique and engaged readers. The average FourFourTwo reader spending 5.5 minutes on the branded channel's online week by week updates of fitness tips; demonstrating there was a high level of interest


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