Magazine ad will chill your beer

Submitted by: Print Power 30/01/2015

Yet another innovation in magazine advertising: cool your beer in half the time with a magazine ad.

This ad for Glacial beer in Brasil, can be used to chill the bottle fast. The only thing a reader has to do is to poor water on the ad, wrap the bottle in the ad, put in the fridge and then enjoy a cold beer.



Ogilvy Brasil came up with this wonderful idea in a country where beer is often not served ice cold. The trick is in the paper used. It contains salt particles that reduce the freezing point of water. Glacial, Ogilvy and many other Brasilian agencies demonstrate the potential of print advertising. Many spectacular ads have been produced, including the Nivea solar ad, the Peugeot air bags ad and also the BBQ book. Great work that will inspire creatives.

Ulbe Jelluma | Print Power