Magazine ads do better on the beach and the couch

Submitted by: Print Power 28/08/2014


A new study by IPC shows the influence of various platforms on consumers throughout the day. The results show the importance of magazines, both print and mobile, in a multi-platform world.

The study gives in-depth insight into how, when, where and why consumers interacts with brands across multiple platforms and identifies 3 new consumer mind states and sheds light on to consumers’ journey across different platforms. People are busier than ever, and with that, the traditional ‘me time’ has evolved. Consumers turn to their favourite magazine brands in the morning to catch up, throughout the day for focus time, and at the end of the day to enjoy some down time.

Magazines read on tablets and smartphones are mostly read at home during downtime, much like their print counterparts—this is also the period of the day when consumers are at their most receptive to advertising. Consumers are more receptive to ads and editorial while relaxed vs. being in more stressful, distracted circumstances. IPC’s study found that content was consumed across all platforms in the evening, when consumers had an opportunity to relax.


“The habits picked up from traditional print magazine consumption still remain and are being transferred as consumers seamlessly mix old and new platforms. Consumers still ‘memory bank’, draw inspiration from magazine brand content or pass on recommendations to friends and family. Consumers now have more opportunities to do this across a number of platforms—this reinforces the power of magazine brands, irrespective of platform”, says Amanda Wigginton, director of Insight,IPC Advertising.

Magazine brands inspire ideas across all platforms: 89% of consumers get ideas from print, 81% from online, 85% get ideas from digital editions, 77% from apps and 72% are inspired by social media. Print and digital editions also had the most amount of influence over actual purchases from a shop or online, with 45% of respondents indicating print had inspired a purchase, 40% indicated that digital editions motivated them to buy, 38% for apps and 34% from the web.

Magazine brands generate word of mouth buzz, engagement, influence and inspiration. Though digital is making its way into every aspect of publishing, it will come as no surprise that consumers are connected to magazine brands and are extending their connection with them across all platforms.

SourceMagazines Canada