Mark Davies - Managing Director of Whistl Ltd UK

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 13/07/2015

Mark is responsible for ensuring the growth of Whistl’s door drop business, formerly known as TNT Post. Prior to becoming Managing Director, Mark occupied several key sales roles at the company, which he joined in 2003. Before this Mark spent 10 years seeing the world in the travel and leisure industry and has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, Boston, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

“The reality is that print drives a huge amount of consumers’ online interactions”

The doordrop industry is steeped in data, and there’s little doubt that the medium is indelibly linked to online behaviour. Most people, upon receiving a piece of doordrop media will go online to investigate further or even complete a purchase. However, over half of people doing so will use a search browser, and therefore it becomes difficult to understand the actual effect this print medium has on a consumer’s online journey.

As a result, ELMA commissioned a study asking the same questions to a representative audience of 11,000 people in 22 different markets across Europe to investigate the attitudes and behaviours of consumers who were recipients of doordrop media. For me, the research was about understanding the consumer journey and the role doordrop media plays. We wanted marketers to hear what consumers are saying in today’s increasingly digital world, to understand what they think about traditional print media and how it drives their interactions.

The research identified that, on average, 60% of people spoken to said that doordrop media is one of their preferred channels for receiving retail offers. When looking at the interactive impact, it was found that 89% of people said that after reading doordrop items, they went online. These interactions were occurring in a number of different ways that included searching through a browser or specifically typing in a unique url taken directly from a piece of doordrop media received.

Of course, other media, whether it’s TV, out of home, email or social all play important roles in the communication mix. However, not one of those should be allowed to dominate or control the conversation, and doordrop is continually proving to be an effective and complimentary communication channel. Sometimes, too much is made of the disruption or interruption of digital and for those who are investing all or the majority of their marketing budget in digital media, I’d suggest that they are spreading themselves too thinly and narrowing results. Digital has only given people something else to do; it hasn’t replaced things. Research like this is a great way to understand our audience and to help create effective and successful campaigns for the brands who work with us. We realise that consumer behaviour is increasingly happening in the digital world, yet this research provides clear evidence that doordrop media drives consumers online.

Doordrop media has an important role to play in the customer journey and is most effective when used in conjunction with other media. + For more information on the ELMA and its Perception of Door Drop Media report, go to