Nielsen: almost 70 % retailers say print is critical in strategy

Submitted by: Print Power 26/09/2014


US retailers remain strong users and believers of various types of print media. Product and sales circulars, in-store material and newspaper ads are critical to them confirm 68 per cent (vs 7 per cent for digital).

Nielsen analysed 11 consumer touchpoints, of which 3 print and 8 digital. Although the number of digital touchpoints is increasing, print remains an essential part of the retailers' strategy. Consumers on average use four to seven touchpoints, only Millenials use more. Digital touchpoints are incremental. They come on top of the traditional print channels. This confirms the major change in the consumer's changing path to purchase. The use of tablet and smartphone is becoming part of the omnichannel strategy of most retailers. Retailers want to link the shoppers' instore experience with e-commerce, mobile and social media platforms. KMPG recent Retail Outlook Survey showed that 70 per cent of retailers have adopted this omnichannel approach. With increasing online sales (in the USA , in five years, 2,5 times more for consumer product goods) retailers need to understand the interaction between online and offline shopping behaviour. And print continues to play a key role in this omnichannel approach.

The Nielsen survey shows that print is an essential part of this strategy and that retailers can't and will not do without print. In the USA  for example, print has a higher reach than digital which implies that retailers have to balance the use of both. More than half of all US shoppers use print at least once a week to seek product and sales information. This is 20 points higher than the next-closest digital touch point, emails.

Nielsen's conclusion is clear: print is not dead, nor will digital be replacing print anytime soon. Consumers are embracing digital alongside print. Whereas they use print for product and sales information, digital is a stronger driver of store choice.

Excellent news for retailers and their agencies; after the recent IKEA video demonstrating the company's commitment to the catalogue, Nielsen provides convincing evidence about the use of in-store print and door drops.

Ulbe Jelluma | Print Power