On your way to Sao Paulo with your personal in-flight mag

Submitted by: Ulbe Jelluma 30/07/2015

We're seeing a lot more personalised products the last couple of years. Probably the best remembered is the Coca-Cola bottle with your name on the sleeve. We all have magazines that carry our name on the cover or inside cover. Personalisation works, we're surprised and engaged.

Now TAM Airlines has taken this to a next level. They personalised their inflight magazine and used the name of the person that bought a ticket. To highlight the anniversary of their Milan - Sao Paulo route the airline wanted to demonstrate personal service via their in-flight magazine. The OwnBoard magazine was created featuring the name of the person on the cover. Based upon the Facebook profile of every person that booked a flight the company was able to determine the interests of each passenger which was used to create custom content. 

When seated each passenger would find his personal magazine. And as proof of effectiveness they all took the magazine home.

Watch the Cannes Lions Award Winning video of the project here

We've seen many examples of personalisation, but because of the surprise element this is probably the strongest one.