One technology to boost Augmented Reality use?

Submitted by: Print Power 11/07/2014

A month after the merger of two of Europe's biggest Augmented Reality (AR) companies Blippar and Layar, we're featuring an infographic of the AR industry. The merger of the two companies comes at a time that advertisers and agencies are still hesitant in rolling-out AR in their campaigns. Although major companies are using AR, the technology has still not found acceptance among mainstream advertisers. Probably consolidation of the various technologies will help to generate more interest from the advertising industry. Layar had already announced cross-platform interoperability with Metaio and Wikitude. Most certainly there will be interoperability between Layar and Blippar which will make Layar content to work on Blippar.

Blippar and Layar confirm that together they serve 50 million consumers in over 175 countries, and clients ranging from global companies such as Coca-Cola and P&G to small and mid-sized companies.