Online travel agency Expedia used clever magazine advertorials leading to a 20% YOY sales uplift

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 18/08/2016

expedia print
Brand Name: Expedia        


Online travel booking company Expedia found that looking for short term gains from a price-led approach was a dead end. Creating brand recognition and loyalty is increasingly important in strengthening its relationship with customers which in turn would have a knock on effect with sales. People were increasingly using Expedia as a travel search and comparison site and booking elsewhere. The challenge was to find a new way to reconnect with its core audience, particularly high-value frequent flyers.

The Case Study

Expedia decided to tap into the consumers love for travel rather than focusing on price-centric marketing message, attempting to establish a stronger brand loyalty and recognition. The company produced clever print adverts, strategically placed using the abbreviated company codes found of luggage tags. For example, Expedia ran the ‘BIG, BUF, MEN’ treatment next to Heat’s ‘Torso of the Month’, Cosmo’s centrefold, in the G Man section of Glamour and in Attitude and Men’s Fitness health titles alongside editorial of hunky men. Enabling Expedia’s advert to stand out and in the forefront of people’s minds.


For Expedia, creating brand recognition and loyalty via magazine media strengthened its relationship with its customers with a knock-on effect on sales. The tongue-in-cheek creative was hugely effective in extending Expedia’s tactical campaign in print media, and subsequently via social media pick-up, creating strong awareness among its key ABC1 audience. The campaign achieved a high following on social media and led to a 20% year on year sales uplift (12% during the magazine campaign period).


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