Partou childcare direct mail campaign increases enrolment ROI by 2,200%

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 27/09/2016



Partou is a high quality childcare facility based in over 100 locations in The Netherlands. As Government cut subsidies, places such as Partou saw a decline in children entrusted to them. Their service provider, Jubels, created a cross-media campaign in order to enrol more children into Partou.

The Case Study

The campaign was a carefully targeted direct mail piece which was sent out to families within 3 miles of a Partou centre. There were two different versions of the mailer: one which targeted families with children 0-4 years of age and a second mailer to children 4-12 years of age. The versions were altered to contain images and copy that was more appropriate to children of this age range. The direct mail encouraged parents to visit a personalised microsite by using a QR code or a URL and passcode. By visiting the microsite, they could look up information about the facility, request a tour and register the child for enrolment.  To further encourage their parents to visit the Microsite, they were offered the chance to win an iPad 3 and a travel coupon worth €400. The key features of the direct mail piece were the personalisation; the family name and the child’s name appeared on an image of a backpack hanging on the classroom wall. A personalised map showing the route from the recipient’s home to the nearest Partoe location. The design of the mailer and the microsite was very consistent.


The direct mail drove huge volumes of business for Partou, 1.5% visit rate via the campaign microsite. And a 2,200% ROI based on new enrolments and an average childcare service length of 4 years with a 34.2% conversion rate of visitor filling in their contact details on the online form. Partou advises the success of this campaign was due to the targeted communications and the consistency helping build trust in the company brand.


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