Pets at Home create successful loyalty scheme using direct mail boosting spend by 20%

Submitted by: Gavin Berkerey 27/10/2015

Brand Name: Pets at Home        


Pets at Home wanted to connect to customers and their pets and have a way to drive repeat purchase and more frequent store visits to meet challenging incremental revenue targets.

The Case Study

They created a loyalty scheme that celebrated owners’ unique relationship with their pets. The scheme reflected the fact that pets are as different and diverse as their owners, so the communications plan was highly tailored and delivered relevant content to different pet owners. The name of the club VIP (Very Important Pets) was chosen to spark instant recognition: research showed that pet owners are highly likely to tell their pets they love them at least once a day! The colour scheme of green and white was chosen to reflect and support the Pets at Home master brand.

Communications were personalised with pet names and tailored content, and built on the concept of friendly expertise, a core Pets at Home value. Integrated content from the My VIP magazine delivered even more relevant material.

The key strands to the strategy were: Firstly pet-centric comms: tailored content using pet based segmentation with a two part data capture strategy boosted at on-boarding, with a “surprise and delight” element to maximise data completion. Secondly charity-centric comms: the fundraising element was communicated to the charities themselves, VIP club members and Pets at Home staff. Engaging them all was essential. Finally spend and offer comms: these delivered footfall and spend in-store, for Pets at Home and selected supplier partners, to meet commercial objectives. All parts of the strategy leveraged targeted Direct Marketing.


  • The VIP club recruited over a 1 million members. 98% gave information about the 4,287,454 pets registered
  • 88% of members swiped their VIP card at checkout and 68% opted into receiving communications.
  • Average transaction values were 37% higher than for non-members.
  • Over £316,000 was donated to more than 500 local and national animal charities.
  • ROI reached 401% and boosted those spending by 20%.
  • The campaign won a gold DMA.

Case Submitted By: Royal Mail MarketReach


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