Pets at home magazine drives customer engagement and loyalty

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 16/08/2016

Pets at home magazine


Pets at home, the UK’s largest animal supplies retailer demonstrated how print can benefit their business in the form of a magazine. Their magazine is read by over 700,000 pet owners and members of the stores VIP club.

The Case Study

The free magazine provides consumers with useful content ranging from dog breeds to chinchillas, exclusive offers and rewards and celebrity interviews. The magazine is a commercial success for the brand including profitable advertising platform for its suppliers. The magazine gets across the brands key messages whilst reinforcing their expertise and knowledge about pets.


Since the launch the VIP club has gained 3.2 million members, doubling in the last 12 months. With an impressive 96% of VIP members saying they have read the magazine. Head of customer relationship management at Pets at Home states “print allows us to share rich and relevant content via publications that provide tangible reasons for customers to visit our stores,”


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