Print ads are more effective than online and TV!

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 08/02/2016

It is fair to say that print ads are coming out on top. According to a US study by Millward Brown print is increasing brands favourability and purchase intent.  The research of nearly 100 ad effectiveness studies proved that print has favourable attributes that every new media option is tapping into due to its trusted content, high consumer engagement and validated sale drivers.


There are more reasons are to why print advertisement is a worthy investment:

1. Print ads drive higher awareness and recall
People are more likely to recall an advertisement and its content if they saw it in print according to Temple University neuroscientists who used brand mapping to discover this. In addition the MPA (association of magazine media) recently released an article about “What can neurosciences tell us about why print magazine advertising works”. This is a whitepaper that summarises research into how consumer’s brands process paper-based information differently from information consumed digitally. The findings show that physical materials do generate more ‘emotional processing’ that digital media.

2. Print Increases ad effectiveness across platforms
In order for marketors to deliver their messages efficiently and effectively they have to spread out in this multi-channel world whether this be across print, broadcast or online platforms. The Millward Browns analysis suggests that print and TV outperform digital and TV across all relevant metrics. The print and TV combination shows that it actually gives digital and TV advertisement a recall boost. Therefore using print in combination can improve consumer’s ability to correctly associate the advertised brands with their respective digital advertising messages.

3. Publishers guarantee that print ads generate increased brand sales and positive ROI
The MPA – Association of Magazine Media had introduced the Print Magazines Sales Guarantee. This guarantee assures marketors who invest in print increased brand sales and positive ROI for qualified print campaigns or they will get their money/space back. In order to qualify for this, the products and brands must have a trackable third-party data, and they must buy a minimum of 150 GRP’s within one magazine media company over 12 months. There have been many magazines that have participated in similar programmes such as Hearst Magazines, Tim Inc., Conde Nast and Meredith Corp.

Overall, print advertising does increase awareness and recall to increased digital ad effectiveness. There is vital role of print advertising and it surely is not “dead”

Source: Adweek / Newsmedia UK