"Print is alive and has a bright future“

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 01/12/2015

Print is inevitable and has amazing chances, even on today’s digital media market. Print and Paper are showing their power especially when it comes to innovations, the impact for the readers and regarding sustainability. That’s the conclusion of this year’s Future Summit Print, taking place at 26th of November in Munich.

The event, organized by Print Power Germany and Cluster Druck und Printmedien Bayern in cooperation with the marketing magazine „Werben & Verkaufen“ (W&V) convinced with strong speakers.

Print has great chances in a digital future - trend researcher Nils Müller, founder and CEO of Trendone, showed five mega trends in print in his opening keynote. He mentioned printed electronics as well as paper used as a touch-interactive medium.

How to fill a gap with print and satisfy sustainability was shown by Dominik Ochs and Lennart Arendt, founder and publisher of the „Übermorgen-Magazin.“ Both are excited about the opportunities that print offers to them.

Online goes more often print: Jan Bockholt, editor in chief, Falkemedia, presented the magazine „Sweet Paul“, developed out of a blog, addressing bloggers itself.

Oliver Andrès, Marketing Director Kneipp-Werke Würzburg and Volker Neumann, Jäschke Operational Media (JOM) also showed the advantages of print media. They used it on purpose to position Kneipp as an exclusive brand.

Britta Poetzsch, Chairwoman, ADC, explained that there is no better way for storytelling than print because the images remain vividly in the mind of the readers.

Werner T. Fuchs, brain researcher, Swiss medcine and author, caught the auditorium with his speech about the impact on print during storytelling. To him, reading media on printed paper is still a vital part of daily life.

Sustainability and lifestyle meet each other in paper: That was the topic of Stefanie Eichiner’s speech, Manager Environment Market Support, UPM.

Barbara Ackermann, Head of The Destination Office, Lars Berger, Marketing Manager WDV-Gruppe and Patrick Osterbrink, Director WDV-Gruppe showed that content in print and online media can be coordinated. „Canadian Tourism“ banks on new marketing ideas and links content-marketing, content-partnerships with print media and social media.

Silke Otte, Marketing Director of Union Investment (Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken) and Stefan Zarnic, Director Next Media BCN (Burda Community Network), strengthened their advertising strategy with sustainable print ads. Aim of the campaign was to rise the sympathy for the company and its products - a goal that print fulfilled perfectly.

Steven F. Althaus, Chief Marketing Director Brand Leadership BMW and  Director of Marketing Services BMW Group received wide support for his presentation about the future of mobility. He still sees a great future for print media, not only because of the haptic sensation.  

Thomas Schimanowski, Print Power Deutschland Chairman and Managing Director Papier Union, Hamburg, summarized the event: „The Future Summit Print 2015 was proof for the permanent impact of paper and print. Print is alive and has a bright future.