Printed books generate major sales and continue to climb!

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 25/01/2016

Printed books sales have continued to climb, according to data from Neilson Bookscan, 571 million more books have been sold worldwide in 2015 than in 2014, while e-books account for only 25% of the total book sales, a small increase from 23% in 2014.

Printed books have become a success with popular titles generating major sales, such as Haper Lee's Go Set a Watchman. There has also been a significant increase in the demand for adult colouring books and new craze that continues to thrive as well as an increase in children's story books.

Jenny Dart, ownder of Doncaster Bookbinders has said that she i not suprised by the return of hard copy reading and is excited by the success generated by a renewed interest and increase in printed books. “Reading from a hard-back book is a more tactile experience for consumers, and I think screen reading technology has seen its peak” says Dart. “People started to embrace the technology, but then took a step back to print, which is great for our business.”

Dart says some customers are even requesting printed hard-back covers for pieces of technology such as the iPad or the notorious ebook, and his business is happy to diversify wherever the demand lies.

“It is now becoming fashionable to combine tech with print, and the bookbinding industry will now walk alongside technology.”

According to the data in the Nielson Bookscan, many large retailers are now turning back to hard-copy as book sales to generate profit, including online giant Amazon and Aussie department store Big W.

This indicates a positive reflection on the bookbinding industry and Dart says, ‘printed books will always have a future’. 

Source: Pro Print