Rafael Alférez - Marketing Director of BMW Spain

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 22/07/2015

The marketing director of BMW Spain explains how print continues to play an important role in his brand strategy.

"Our catalogue remains a key element and is the most common request from potential BMW buyers visiting dealerships"



How is BMW’s current relationship with the media?
Our relationship is based on openness and transparency. After several years in which it was almost impossible to give investment estimates, for the past couple of years we have been able to give a reasonably precise estimation of our future plans, especially to motoring magazines. What we have with printed media, as well as with other forms of media, is a set of transparent game rules which are developed from our strategy, and which we maintain over time.


Which forms of print do BMW advertise in?
Motoring magazines are an important pillar of our media strategy. Daily newspapers and particularly regional papers also play a vital role in our media presence.


How important are product catalogues for BMW?
They are essential. All brands have made significant steps towards digitalising catalogues and other business documents, but the catalogue remains a key element and is the most common request from potential BMW buyers visiting dealerships.


What media strategy do you find most effective in papers and magazines?
Print media achieves different aims depending on whether it’s on a national or local scale. On the national scale, it becomes a fundamental compliment to other, more wide-ranging media, while on a local scale its success consists in its speed of delivery and the possibility for readers to find a message or special offer from a particular dealership.


Which BMW campaign stands out for having particular success with print?
In 2014, we ran a campaign in the daily press in which we ran a headline that specified the number of readers of each type of media in which BMW were present. It was a way of calling attention to ourselves and a good exercise in remembering that creative resources can still come in ‘classic’ formats, such as inserts or half-page adverts.


Do you think that print is adapting to modern life?
There is great diversity, possibly because each medium has its own strategy for adaptation. It’s a difficult challenge and nobody has found the perfect solution yet.


What’s your key challenge for 2015?
From an advertiser’s point of view, we continue to face the challenge of combining diverse media with the goal of maximising reach, affinity and frequency, as well as ensuring that all media acts in synergy.