Reach German newspapers and mags remain high and stable

Submitted by: Print Power 04/09/2014

Reach German newspapers (63,2%) and mags (91,3%) remain high and stable                      

The German print media, magazines and newspapers remain very strong despite the major changes taking place in the media landscape. The recent study of AGMA, the German institute for media analysis, shows a very strong and stable situation for both newspapers and magazines.

The survey, among 136.366 people for newspapers, confirms 44,6 million readers for newspapers which equals a total reach of 63,2 per cent of all Germans older than 14 years. This figure is down with only 1,5 per cent compared to the last survey. The strenght of the newspapers is especially with providing local and regional news. Reach of regional subscription newspaper remained stable (-0,5 per cent) with a reach of slightly more than half of all Germans. The research also shows that newspaper readership is highest among higher educated Germans: two thirds of them read newspapers.


Magazines reach nine out of ten Germans with a coverage of 91,3 per cent. The 160 titles surveyed reach 64,4 million people. On average Germans read 8,5 magazine titles. Compared to the last measurement reach of magazines remains stable.

The above figures confirm the very positive situation of print media in Germany. The stable readership is also refelected by the level of advertising expenditures. Germany is among the countries with the highest share of advertising investments in magazines and newspapers. Advertisers continue to invest in print media with Newspapers representing 26,3 per cent of total advertising expenditures and magazines 16,6 per cent, adding to a total of 42,9 per cent in print media (Source: ZenithOptimedia).

Ulbe Jelluma | Print Power