Asos Customer Magazine - Increases Sales and Brand Awareness


Submitted by: Print Power 30/05/2014

Asos Magazine


Products in all industries evolve. Usually the requirement for change is driven by the need to be different or more effective.

The Case Study

With primary objectives of showcasing products, drive website traffic and increase sales, the magazine was supposed to be distributed with orders or purchased from the website. Rapid success of the publication which led major cash increase from £1.3m previous year to a whooping £3.7m, passed the 3 months trial and upgraded from planned 6 issues to 11 per year. It quickly became the single biggest marketing investment.

The customers were not only given a trendy lookbook sending them back to to make purchases- the magazine content also started featuring interviews and articles with celebrities and fashion icons, adding credibility and appealing to the crowd of the aspiring fashionstas. It also tapped into the loyalty, including special offers and pre-views to active customers.


- First three issues generated over £1.5m revenue
- Drove a significant increase of sales of respondents
- Active customers’ response rate was up 8.5% on dormant and 2.3% on lapsed
- Active customer ABV was up 6.8% on dormant and 8.3% on lapsed customers.
- The magazine also helps promotes brand awareness – research found
that 60% of the readership shared their copy of the magazine with at least
2 people.


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