The expanding array of stunning effects and treatments print can offer

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 12/09/2016

It’s never been more challenging for print to stand out from the crowd. Different finishes can be added to print to help it create cut-through, such as die-cutting, foiling and embossing, these finishes can be costly and time-consuming. As a result, a growing number of marketers are turning to special inks, substrates and treatments that can be completed in a single pass on press and elevate a piece of print way beyond the ordinary. To read about all the different effects print can offer, please read the full article below.

Thermochromic inks and varnish react to heat and are a great way of surprising people by revealing a previously unseen image thermochromic varnish can be set to an accuracy of within one degree and the effect is interactive and really gets consumers involved in the brand.

Metallic board
Printing onto mirrored metallic board is an inexpensive way of giving an image a premium look and has been used by a number of magazines for special covers.

High intensity inks
A key element of these special inks is the vibrant high intensity, which are incredibly eye-catching and can be printed on conventional presses. BskyB used the high intensity inks for a direct mail campaign, which resulted in being the most premium direct mail Sky have ever done.

Virtual embossing

Merck has developed a 3D Evolution technology that enables users to print 3D effects on standard materials using conventional printing presses. The technique can be used for a wide range of different applications including magazines and direct mail. “Ricoh used this technology in some of its direct mail pieces in Europe, and because of the white ink in the pattern it creates an embossed
Effect it had some real texture to it!

Photochromic inks change colour when they are exposed to sunlight or UV light. So for instance, you might have a standard black and white image printed on the cover of a magazine, newspaper or piece of direct mail, but when you go outside into the sunshine it turns into a beautiful picture full of colour. These inks are proving to be particularly popular with charities who are looking to raise awareness of the damage that UV rays can cause to the skin.

Colour shifting inks
These inks can’t literally change colour, but they reflect various wavelengths in white light in a different way, depending on the angle of sight. The effect has been used for a wide range of different applications, including magazines and direct mail.