The making of the Touched by DM direct mail

Submitted by: Print Power 19/01/2014

 personalised Moleskine notebook

The Case Study

The making of a spectacular mailing triggering the sense of touch and leading to a personalised Moleskine notebook has been captured on this video. This mailing is part of the Print Power TouchedByDM campaign to promote the sensory qualities of printed material.

The Print Power mailing consists of four elements: the envelope, which is in fact a folded-up poster, holds a personalised letter, a chalked blackboard card, a reply card, and a reply envelope. The blackboard card contains a hidden message which becomes visible once the chalk is wiped away. Leaving a print of their chalk-covered hand on the reply card allows the recipient of the mailing to obtain a personalised Moleskine notebook as the handprint is then scanned and printed on the cover of the notebook. The sense of touch is exploited to its extreme as even the hand print is printed in relief.

The TouchedByDM mailing, developed by Ogilvy's Red Works office in Brussels, is printed with four different printing technologies - offset, screenprint, digital and UV printing.


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