"The more you spend on production, the more time people spend with your mailing"

Submitted by: Print Power 12/11/2014


"Integrating mail and email means that you'll not only meet customers' needs, you'll maximise the effectiveness of your communication". This was one of the messages of Jonathan Harman (Royal Mail) at the Two Sides and Print Power Autumn Seminar.

Mail and email have very different characteristics, which explains the importance of using them in an integrated way. Which, bybthe way, is also what consumers prefer. Jonathan Harman showed various facts supporting the value of mail. Consumers for example feel more valued when receiving mail, and therefore spend more time with mail. And with the increase of email usage these strenghts have even increased over the last five years. This supports the belief that email is often associated with Speed whereas mail with Substance.

Advertisers often question the opening rates and interaction rates of mail. The Royal Mail data show that between 54  and 83 per cent of all mail is opened, depending on the relationship with the sender. For example more than half of the consumers open a letter from a company they haven't used before, and of those pieces opened, 43 per cent take some kind of action.


What is very interesting of the data presented is that adding mail to the mix of channels, a new, untapped group of consumers starts to take action. Compared to using only email use, the combined use of mail and email resulted in 13 percent more consumers to visit the sender's website, 21 per cent more consumers to make purchases and 34 per cent more consumers to redeem coupons or vouchers.

Mail generates higher levels of engagement compared to email and also TV. Mail is also more often remembered in the long term memory compared to other channels. Harman mentioned that the index for engagement and LT memory were for mail 168 and 172, wheras for email these figures were 127 and 130 and TV 105 and 100. This most probably has to do with the importance of production values. The more spend on production of the mail, the more time people spend with the mail.

Much more facts can be found in the brochure 'It's all about Mail and Email' from Royal Mail Market Reach. Click here for this brochure.

Harman announced that early 2015 results of a new survey, Private Life of Mail, will be published with more details about the use of mail. Four areas will be covered: Home, Heart, Head and Wallet.  We will cover this survey as soon as it becomes available.

Ulbe Jelluma | Print Power