Times & Audible create a successful partnership through print & digital


Submitted by: Taneha Doldan 08/10/2015


Audible has the largest selection of digital audiobooks. The partnership helped to raise awareness and consideration of audiobooks as an alternative to regular books and in turn increase awareness and consideration of Audible.

The Case Study

Audible partnered with The Times and The Sunday Times to run a series of editorial book reviews and audio recordings alongside advertorials on the value of the audio experience, a Times+ partnership and an exclusive competition. All content was featured in print, on a dedicated online hub and across tablets.


The multiplatform element of the campaign worked really well and helped to drive recall, positive perceptions and consideration.

  • 56% of Times print and online readers recalled the partnership, 81% higher than the News UK benchmark. 62% of Times print and online readers recall the articles, double the News UK benchmark.
  • The campaign helped to raise awareness of Audible by 17% from the pre stage to those who recall.
  • There were significant positive increases across all key brand statements. ‘Has good customer service' increased by 71%; from 28% at the pre stage to 48% among those who recall the partnership. Both consideration and recommendation of Audible more than doubled from the pre stage. Consideration increased by 268% from the pre stage to those who recall, with 70% of exposed Times readers saying they would consider Audible.
  • Recommendation also more than doubled from the pre stage, by 177%, with 61% of Times readers saying they are likely to recommend Audible.
  • 75% of readers took action directly as a result of the campaign; with 11% singing up to Audible and downloading an audiobook.

Case Submitted By: News UK


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